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News No. 12 (September 2014) SEE annual event – GeoSEE field trip, Slovenia

Several members of the GeoSEE consortium participated at the SEE annaul event which concluded the South East Europe programme within the financing period from 2007 to 2013. The final event was organized in Slovenia, the chairing country of the SEE Programme. The event was held on the 24th and 25th of September 2014 in Ljubljana. GeoSEE was chosen by the Joint Technical Secretariat to host one of the five organized field trips aimed at presenting results and benefits of projects funded by the SEE programme.
News No. 11 (September 2014) Final project conference in Križevci, Croatia

The final transnational project conference was organized in conjunction with the final project meeting. It was held in Križevci, Croatia on the 23rd of September. The conference was attended by government representatives, research experts and members of the geothermal industry. The GeoSEE partner consortium presented their main findings, developed tools and conclusions on the topic of exploiting low temperature geothermal. Stakeholders present at the conference expressed interest and willingness to cooperate on such projects, and were generally pleased with GeoSEE outcomes.
News No. 10 (September 2014) Final project meeting in Koprivnica, Croatia

The final project meeting was held in Koprivnica, Croatia on the 22nd of September. It was attended by 38 members of the GeoSEE partner consortium. There were many topics debated at the meeting concerning ongoing project activities, especially issues regarding the financial situation and budget reporting. However the main focus was given to ensuring long term sustainability of the project. Thus most attention was given to the founding of the Joint Management Establishment.
News No.9 (June 2014) Additional partner meeting in Velenje, Slovenia

The additional partner meeting was attended by 29 partners from the consortium. The main purpose of this meeting was to addres certain shortcoming that were identified by LP KSSENA. The main concern was staying within the output deadlines, as a lot of results that are abolutely essential to the project goals need to be concluded within the holiday season. Overall the meeting was succesful as the consotrium achieved a consensus on the solutions to the debated issues. Atendees of the meeting were also invited to visit the museum of lignite mining in Velenje.
News No.8 (March 2014) Partner meeting in Oradea, Romania

The scheduled partner meeting took place from March 25th till March 27th the city of Oradea, Romania. The meeting was attended by 35 representatives from the project consortium representing all but one project partners. This meeting was of special significance due to the monitoring visit of JTS representatives, which concluded that the project is still firmly on the right track. One of the meeting highlights was without a doubt the study visit of the 50 kW cogeneration pilot project located in the city, made posible by the Transgex company. Within this study visit attendees also got to see the Livada greenhouses, which utilize geothermal energy for all year round vegetable production.
News No.7 (November 2013) Partner meeting in Pazardjik

The conference gathered all of the project partners to discus primarily the developement of past project activities. There were several presentation on the topic of each past work package  starting with the stakeholder hearings and other communication activities. The main focus of  the conference was acts 4.2 and 4.3 of the WP4, which discused the technical and economic  modeling of geothermal based hybrid systems. The forthcoming WP5 and WP6 were also addresed.
News No.6 (November 2013) Transnational conference in Kocani

As the first activity in the frame of 1st transnational conference a press conference for national and local media was organized. Presentations on the current state of activities progress were produced by KSSENA, MAGA( Macedonian Geothermal Association), MoK and BP18. The main focus of the conference was to present geothermal potential in SEE countries, to adrres technical constraints of suggested biomass-geothermal hybrid technology as well as to ilustrate the importance of communication and dissemination activities for the overall success of the project. The conference included a visit to the Geothermal Pump Station in village Dolni Podlog Kochani which is the main part of Geothermal System Geoterma.
News No.5 (October 2013) Additional partner meeting in Bucharest

The additional project meeting was held to further negotiate the activities progress, deadlines ofpast activities and addresed the future up to date comunication between partners. In this regard activities of WP3 and WP4 were debated, as well as the progress reports for the 1 and 2 period and the dissemination activities.The meeting was atended by lead partner KSSENA and project partner IGR.
News No.4 (September 2013) Additional project meeting in Velenje

The additional project meeting was held to addres some of the shortcomings of the project activities<br>progress. The meeting was hosted by KSSENA. Special atention was given to financial assets <br>allocation. Presentations were given from various partners with the emphasis on the draft versions of  the feasibility studies. The partner salso reviewed the remaining activities in WP5 and WP6 and also discussed the organization of the transnational conference in Kocani and project partner meeting in Pazardzik.
News No.3 (June 2013) Project meeting in Padua

The project meeting was primarily aimed at presenting the current updates of the project and gain insight on possible optimization of eforts. Progress on each of the workpackages was presented as well as some difficulties regarding their execution was pointed out. In addition, past experience from various partners in their specific field of expertise were presented by UM (Technologies for geothermal and RES integration), TESAF (Geographic models), IGR(Integration and information database) to name a few. Special focus was given to the relevant content of the information database.
News No.2 (January 2013) Kick-off meeting Velenje

Kick-off meeting of project GeoSEEtook place on January 22nd and 23rd in Velenje, Slovenia. The meeting was attended by 25 representatives from 7 different countries (Slovenia, Bulgaria, Italy, Romania, Croatia, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Serbia). The two-day event marked the official start of the project. The meeting was organized in order to revise the 2-years work plan and as a starting point for activities. Similar events will be repeated at 6-month interval, hosted each time by different partner.


News No.1(December 2012) Project start

Monitoring Committee has confirmed the approval of GeoSEE project application for co-financing by the South East Europe (SEE) Program. Official start date of project is: 14th of December, 2012.


The GeoSEE project involves 16 partners from 8 countries and will run for 24 months between December 2012 and December 2014. From a technological point of view, GeoSEE intends to demonstrate that innovative and sustainable uses of low-temperature (also called low-enthalphy) geothermal resources (less than 150°C) are possible when they are combined with further renewable sources to provide solutions for heating/cooling and electricity production. These hybrid uses will contribute to making the utilization of lower temperature geothermal fluids more economically viable and reduce business risk thus improving market pull and attracting private investors. Visit our official Facebook page where you can comment, share and like : facebook logo