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About the project

It is undoubtedly true that growing concerns on environmental issues, desire of energetic independencyandincreasing process of energy require the development and utilization of clean and renewable energy sources. Asignificant contribution to these issues can be offered by geothermal resources and geothermal-derivedenergy. From a technological point of view, GeoSEE intends to demonstrate that innovative and sustainable uses of low-temperature (also called low-enthalphy) geothermal resources (less than 150°C) are possible when they are combined with further renewable sources to provide solutions for heating/cooling and electricity production.



These hybrid uses will contribute to making the utilization of lower temperature geothermal fluids more economically viable and reduce business risk thus improving market pull and attracting private investors. With its concrete actions and pilot demonstration projects GeoSEE will define a methodology and a strategic framework that will contribute to the implementation of the paradigm shift on the energy market which represents one of the main priorities of the 20-20-20 targets set by the European Energy and Climate Change Policy. The final stages of GeoSEE also include actions and analyses aimed at informing policy makers about the benefits of adopting and utilizing low temperature geothermal energy.