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Project Partners

The project includes a well balanced mixture of partners coming from three main sectors, city/local authorities (PP4, PP6, PP7, IPA-PP3 and PRA), research institutions/establishments (PP1, PP2, PP3 and IPA-PP2) and local energy agencies (LP, PP5, IPA-PP1 and EC). Together we represent varied views across a range of stakeholders and interests and provide competent knowledge and experience in the field of energy efficiency, renewable energy sources and geographic intelligence, especially with regards to technological issues and energy infrastructures in South East Europe. The GeoSEE project involves 16 partners from 8 countries with Lead Partner KSSENA.
LP KSSENA(Slovenia) ERDF PP1 TESAF(Italy) ERDF PP2 IGR(Romania) ERDF PP3 UM(Slovenia) ERDF PP4 PADUA(Italy) ERDF PP5 REAP (Bulgaria) ERDF PP6 SORO (Hungary) ERDF PP7 CEV(Italy) ERDF PP8 BP18 (Hungary) IPA-I PP1 REAN(Croatia) IPA-I PP2 MF(Serbia) IPA-I PP3 KOCANI(Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia) EU ASP1 PRA(Bulgaria) EU ASP2 NND (Hungary) OP1 EZS (Slovenia) OP2 KRIZ (Croatia) OP3 MOL(Croatia)