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Nr.crt AuthorArticle/PaperEvent/Conference/Project,PlaceYear
Geothermal energy
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Biomass ans biogas
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Solar energy
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Geothermal energy
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Solar energy
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Geothermal energy
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Solar energy
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Geothermal energy
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23 *** iea-gia.org/italy/ (IEA Geothermal Implementing Agreement)   
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Solar energy    
26Brignoli V.Potential development of solar thermal power in ItalyContract Agreement between RSE and the Ministry of Economic Development,2009
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Geothermal energy
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Geothermal energy
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Solar energy
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Geothermal energy
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49 ***Biomass Action Plan for The Republic of Serbia 2010-2012
50***National renewable energy action plan of the republic of Serbia in accordance with the template as per Directive 2008/29/EC (Decision 2009/548/EC),Belgrade 2013
Solar energy    
51Katić V. et al.Overview of solar PV energy market in SerbiaThe 6th PSU-UNS International Conference on Engineering and Technology(ICET-2013), Novi-Sad, Serbia2013
Geothermal energy
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Geothermal energy
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Solar energy
82Popov J.South East Europe Grid Initiative-The value of regionalisation of energy policyProject facilitation the SEE energy cooperation supported by the European Climate Foundation 2013